Construction projects – regardless of size – involve numerous details, and not every owner has the time or experience to manage the process. Many choose to retain a firm to handle the planning, design and construction phases of their projects. This process is referred to as Construction Management or Construction Project Management; when it is expanded to include multiple projects, it is called Program Management. Amigable Building Group Construction provides superior construction management services. We augment an owner’s staff with pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise that can assure the best possible project outcome. We take responsibility for the entire project


We differentiate ourselves from other construction management companies by providing professional services that make a difference during the design process by providing process leadership and advising the team on cost, schedule, constructability and bid packaging issues. As the CM we bring the construction industry and a contractor’s perspective to the team during the design process. Evaluation of design alternatives are made based on factual and current-market cost information. We can help identify the best money an owner will never spend by executing a thorough pre-construction process.


During the construction phase, our role is to proactively manage and lead the construction process though effective planning, scheduling, and daily on-site supervision. Our role also includes project management responsibilities, monitoring quality and safety, and communication with the entire project team. As a result, Amigable Building Group provides a well-rounded cost effective solution for your construction management needs.

construction-managementAmigable Building Group’s experienced construction management team provides a wide range of services to deliver quality results to clients. One of our areas of expertise lies in construction project management. Our specialists will handle the planning, design, and construction processes when the project owner lacks the time to oversee them. ABG Build provides service and commitment unparalleled by other construction management companies. We deliver construction management all over California, including San Jose, San Diego, Riverside County, Orange County, Fresno, and Los Angeles.

Construction Manager at Risk

Construction Manager at Risk (CM at Risk) represents an alternate mode of construction contracting where the owner retains a contractor, through competitively bidding the project, to provide pre-construction services during the project design period and to act as a general contractor to construct the project after the design is completed, or as the design progresses to completion.

Amigable Building Group finds construction manager at risk a mode of contracting increasingly popular amongst clients. With key features such as fixed construction costs and shared liability between the owner and construction manager, CM at Risk is worth considering. To further aid in the CM at Risk process, ABG Build uses cutting edge construction management software to insure maximum efficiency across the entire construction process.

With Amigable Building Group selected as the Construction Manager early in the design phase, we work closely with your architect to examine alternate materials, systems, and equipment for cost, quality and availability. We then perform constructability reviews and offer value engineering suggestions. This early coordination fosters collaboration and focuses the entire team on finding the best solutions for your construction project. We competitively bid the various bid packages representing the construction work required to complete the Project and determine a guaranteed maximum price for construction.

Features CM at Risk are:

  • Transfer of responsibility for construction, and some risk, from owner to Construction Manager
  • Construction cost known and fixed during design
  • CM has total control of construction and all subcontractors
  • Construction may start before design completion, reducing project schedule

cmatrisk_3Amigable Building Group award winning services include construction manager at risk (CMAR). Our team of experienced professionals will provide pre-construction services and perform the duties of a general contractor to bring your project to its final result. Amigable Building Group project managers will use construction management software to ensure your resources will be used with efficiency to deliver high quality results. We provide construction manager at risk in areas all over California, including Orange County, San Diego, Riverside County, Fresno, San Jose, and Los Angeles.