General Contracting is usually described as the “traditional” method of project delivery in the construction industry. Typically, it involves competitive bidding by general contractors resulting in a lump sum contract that is based on complete drawings prepared by a separate architectural or engineering firm.

Decades of experience and abg ’s knowledge and expertise energize your project for swift and safe execution of any size construction project. Our streamlined approach to general contracting ensures the steady progression of the project with world-class management from our construction professionals. As a result of our processes, our clients typically see superior time management and cost savings on their construction projects.

abg has always held a strong position in the competitive bidding market completing projects that have been funded by the communities and people they impact.

These types of projects include work for school districts, private and state universities, municipalities, etc.

Features of General Contracting are:

  • Owner has separate contracts with the Architect and the Contractor
  • Cost is based on a completed design


abg provides a wide array of award winning services for its clients. These services range from pre-construction services to commercial general contracting. General contracting is thought of as the traditional form construction projects are delivered.  abg‘s general commercial contractors will provide quality results while building a relationship with their clients. Our projects have included work for school districts, state universities, municipalities and more. We provide general construction consulting all over California, including Los Angeles, Fresno, Riverside County, San Diego, San Jose, and Orange County.