We know that the preconstruction service entails much more than just presenting a series of estimates to our clients. It can be an overwhelming, time-consuming, and inefficient process involving hundreds of hours of time, at a high cost, from professionals at all levels. Amigable Building Group partners with our clients to create a more effective and efficient preconstruction process. Our team of experienced professionals, enabled by our industry leading software solutions, help break the process into manageable phases.

Through construction technology innovation, we pride ourselves on fast tracking the preconstruction process through our premier construction estimating software. Our technology allows for fewer man-hours spent estimating accompanied by accuracy you can count on.

Our start-to-finish preconstruction services approach deploys proven methods and technical solutions that address each aspect of the preconstruction process. Our teams of experts work together at every level of our clients’ organization from strategy development to tactical implementation. Preconstruction is a significant part of the construction services we provide; we also manage the construction phase, and enlist prequalified subcontractors who meet our high standards for quality and cost-consciousness. From senior managers to superintendents, we combine our construction skills and experience with true innovation to bring the highest levels of efficiency and quality to each and every project.


With years of experience, Amigable Building Group provides clients with a wide range of high quality services. Our team will assist our clients through every step of the project until they are happy with the final project. One of the most important steps we assist our clients with is the pre-planning process. Every good project requires diligent planning. Our preconstruction services will assist clients in making the process more efficient and effective. We will use construction estimating software to help breakdown each step of the project.  Amigable Building Group offers services all over California, including Riverside County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, San Jose, and Orange County.